The 5 best websites to find your roommate

Are you in search of a roomie?

There are a lot of resources out there, but they mainly service the US. Regardless of whether you’re looking to move closer to work, save money, or move to a bigger city, we have the website to help you to find your potential new share home and roommate.

Necessary steps to consider before you start searching for the perfect share house and roommates

  1. First, get your Kelyst browser extension up and running. You want to be able to collate all the information in one place and not lose it. Sifting through hundreds of potential sites can be arduous.
  2. Work out your budget so you know what you can afford before you start searching. Remember to consider rent, utilities, groceries, transport and internet before you start talking money with a potential roommate.
  3. Are you wanting to spend a lot of time in the home, or do you just want a place to crash? You need to consider this seriously before looking for your new share accommodation. If you are going to spend your free time in your share home, you will need to make sure there are enough rooms and personal space to be comfortable. Being cooped up in one room is not suitable for your mental health. You will also need to consider how much privacy you require to maintain your sanity. Living in other people’s pockets, who you barely know can be very intimidating, even for an extrovert. However, if you are always out, don’t bother having someone else’s mess around and happy to lock up your belongings when you leave, you might not care less what the living conditions in the shared quarters are like.
  4. Think about your bathroom situation – do you want to share a toilet and shower, or you must have your own en-suite. Trust us, this is important.
  5. Get ready for an interview. You may be interviewing a lot, especially if you are trying to find a shared home to live in. Think about preparing some questions for the other housemates.

Now that we’ve got you on the road to figuring out what type of shared accommodation will suit you let’s get into the searching bit.

Roomie Match

This is an excellent resource for finding a roommate all over North America. Humans review all the profiles, and all the scams are flagged and eliminated regularly. It’s safer, and you won’t waste so much time shifting through the spam.

You set up a profile for free and wait for others to message you, or pay $20 for a year subscription, and you can find others and reach out to them.


It is free to create a profile, post a listing, search listings and message users on Roomi. You can pay to boost your listing to the top of the search page if you are desperate to get matched. It is effortless to use if you are looking for a room to rent.


This website has a price tag. You will have to pay up to $30 for one month. However, it is a great resource to find a roommate in almost every city across Canada. You will usually spend up to one month looking for a house share, so the price isn’t steep. It is simple to use, and you can actually use search filters to find places and people that are pet friendly.


This is a simple website, and it’s free to post a listing for 60 days. It allows users to search for rooms or apartments for rent in lots of cities across Canada. You search by using the map feature, and your social accounts are linked to the listings, so you can check them out before you meet.


The old faithful – Kijiji has a room rentals and roommates section on their website. This makes it easy to specify precisely what you’re looking for – location, price etc.

It works the same as everything else on Kijiji, where you either find and message someone. It is widespread and lots of people in Canada use the website.

Lastly, if you can’t find anything on the above websites, just type in ‘find a roommate in [insert city]’ into Google. There will be lots of sites that service that one city directly.

So, it’s time to get cracking. Make sure you have downloaded your Kelyst browser extension to make sense of all the potential share accommodation you will have to sort through. It is the perfect board to keep all the places you want to follow-up and compare your other choices with. Clear-cut, super easy to use and free!

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