5 Best Websites to Find Investment Apartments in Canada

The first thought that comes to mind for many people when they hear about investing in property is usually about owning their own home and hoping it will increase in value over time.
But there are many more ways to invest in property.
If you are risk averse and house flipping is a little too complicated, you might consider buying a rental property instead.

But where do you start?

There are hundreds of thousands of properties out there to search. So much opportunity and potential, but also a lot of information to get you confused and flustered. That is why you need Kelyst. A simple website browser that helps you:

  • organise,
  • sort,
  • refine,
  • share,
  • reorder

and update all your top choices. You need Kelyst to help you collate all the potential apartments for research. This will help you to analyse your choice and ensure you get a decent cash flow for your investment. Don’t do what thousands of others have done when looking for their perfect investment property – lose the website and page that the ultimate bargain apartment was on. Never to be found again!

This doesn’t have to be a frustrating process.

All you need to do is click on the Kelyst icon on your browser when you find the perfect property and you are one more click away from having it appear on your Kelyst board. Never to be lost until you delete it from your personal board. Have a look at these websites to start your search for the perfect investment property.

Remember to download the Kelyst browser app so you can organise, compare and refine all your potential money making real estate options.


You can search a data base of over 250,000 listings from all over Canada. This website can connect you with one of their approved real estate agents and has multiple search functions with easy to navigate communications to the real-estate agent. They have a great payment and affordability calculator. However, they don’t have the most up-to-date listings. For that, you have to contact the individual real-estate agents.


With over 120,000 listings across Canada, it is one of the most recognized real-estate brands in the world. RE/MAX has been the leading real estate organization in Canada for 20 years. The website is packed with buying tips and information on the most popular cities and neighborhoods
across Canada.

Century 21

Century 21 spans over 400 offices from coast to coast giving great coverage to find the investment property you desire. They pride themselves on giving gold standard treatment to all clients who buy homes through their service. They are definitely focused towards the more luxury end of the spectrum and have facilities to organize finance for your purchase.


Although not aesthetically pleasing, this website has over 40,000 privately for sale condos in Canada. It is easy to navigate, lots of filters to narrow your search and puts you in contact with the seller. As you may know, Kijiji is Canada’s largest classifieds site with millions of live ads in a wide range of categories. It is a great platform that connects Canadians, helping them to buy great items in their community.

Royal LePage

This company has been helping Canadians buy and sell their homes since 1913. They have grown into a network of almost 18,000 real estate agents in over 600 locations from coast to coast. Some of the best features on their website includes school search, travel time and lifestyle search features to find your perfect investment property that will ensure a great return on investment.

Don’t forget to download the Kelyst browser extension to help you quickly and conveniently collate your best options when searching for an investment property. It will make easy work out of an often tedious and frustrating task, giving you more time to enjoy life.

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