5 Great Timeshare Sales Tips

Are you trying to sell a timeshare? These tips will make the whole process a lot easier.

1. Researching your audience

Great salespeople will take time to get background on their target audience, but you need to go even further if you are a timeshare salesperson. It will not be enough for you to know that the person you are targeting goes on vacation (like there is anyone who doesn’t like a vacation). You will need to know where they have been, how much they are spending, and the activities they like to take part in. This can be a little challenging when you identify your target. If you are not able to get the information before calling, then ask questions and pay close attention to their answer. You will be able to find their selling point if you do this right.

2. Being Upfront

There is no person who likes to feel manipulated. If you had promised that the timeshare pitch was going to be sixty minutes, then make sure it is sixty minutes. You will most likely fail if you choose a timeshare sales technique that uses bait and switch. Whether it is sticking to the time commitments or giving the freebies you had promised, it pays to be honest because it increases your chance of garnering interest.

If you are looking to sell more, then you should consider using a call management system such as Call Logic. There is a free demo you can try to see the features it brings and how it can help you with your sales.

3. No pressure

One technique that no longer works when it comes to timeshare sales is the “classic” hard sell. This does not mean giving up after getting the first no, but you should not be pressuring your prospect. If they say they are not interested, try to find out why then respond to it. There are common objections you already know. Have the answers ready so you can use them when the prospect declines.

4. Keeping calm and sell on

When you start feeling like you are losing the prospect, or if you are facing a stonewall from the start, the best thing to do is not panicking. You should not be thinking about the close. When calling a prospect, your goal should be getting them interested enough to give it a try. Make the property appealing with all that you customers would need by advertising the timeshare with Surplus Network. Your ultimate goal is closing, but if you focus on interest first, you will have an easier time with the sales process. The close is going to come later.

5. Creating a fear of missing out

You should try making the offer limited or scarce. “You can only get this price today”. This looks like pushiness, but it adds a sense of urgency. People don’t like it when they miss out on a great deal, and the prospects will be more open to buying if they feel like this is the only time available. You should not open with this tactic. It is used during the end when the prospect refuses to budge.

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