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5 Top Tips to Find Your Dream Home

Finding your dream home can be frustrating and confusing.  It takes time and patience and a lot of organization to make sure you get it right.

But when you do find your dream home, you’ll always have the perfect place to unwind and make memories.

Thankfully, finding your perfect home is a lot easier with kelyst.  It is the ideal app to help you do the planning, sorting and legwork.  It’s a new browser extension made just for you to find the home that fits you perfectly.  

Here are some of the top five considerations when scouring the internet to find your dream home.  Remember to add kelyst to your browser to make the job easier.

Know your Home Style

We are not talking about the interior.  Those are things that can be dealt with later.  First, you need to figure out what type of home will work best for you.  

Stand-alone family homes offer privacy and freedom, especially if you have children or pets.  But you are going to be in for many weekends filled with maintenance projects.  Sometimes more than you bargained for.

Condos often come with associations that handle a lot of the outside maintenance for you. Still, it might not hit your desired amount of green space.  And you’ll be up for monthly dues to the association to pay for the maintenance.

Before searching and putting homes on your kelyst, be clear on what home style you really want.  That way, when you go surfing the net for possibilities, you can eliminate the deadwood upfront.

Do Your Homework

You may know you want to live downtown, uptown or even out of town, but neighborhoods vary greatly.  Even in the same area.  To find your ideal home, start by doing your research.  Pour over online real estate listings to get an idea of the styles available in the area.  Check out the neighborhood’s walkability score and browse review sites to see where you might get your late-night pizza delivery fix from.

Take your research offline and visit the area in person.  Especially if you are relocating.  Spending a weekend driving or walking around the area can give you a real feel for the place.  Get to really know the neighborhood.  Look for the restaurants that suit your taste buds.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast, find out where the nearest trails are.  If they are 40 miles away, you might want to reconsider where you are choosing.

Look and Look Again

Once you believe you’ve found a home you want to make an offer on, take a second and even third look.  Both the house and neighborhood can appear widely different, depending on the times of the day and week.  Seeing a home on a weekday morning is entirely different as viewing the house at 6pm on the weekend.  

See Past the Flaws

Unless you are fortunate or have a ton of money, the homes you look at almost certainly won’t have every single thing on your wish list.  In fact, there may be things you don’t like.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t become your dream home.

Look past the cosmetic blemishes and focus on the home’s bones.  You may hate the shade of paint, or type of flooring, but those can be updated to suit your style.  Look to see if the home is well-built and has the space you need, features you love, and the layout serves your lifestyle and price point.  

Stay Flexible

You may be in love with a particular style of architecture or having a specific feature.  But don’t get too fixated on it and overlook the otherwise perfect home that’s missing just one or two elements.  Stay flexible and willing to compromise. You might be surprised at what you find.

Remember, you don’t have to do the searching alone.

With kelyst, you just add the extension onto your browser and start searching.  Update, remove, reorder, search, share and write notes on your favorite homes you want to put on your dream list.  Easy as that.

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