the kelyst story

The Kelyst Story

Since the moment we met, we knew we wanted to travel the world together.  As a couple, we had explored countless countries, numerous neighborhoods, and several communities – and then we made the shocking decision to settle down and buy an apartment.

We found the process of apartment hunting to be an overwhelming disaster.  From contacting landlords, comparing prices, maintaining contact information, exploring amenities, and neighborhood data – apartment hunting was a logistical nightmare.  We longed for a single, simple solution that would make apartment buying easy, reliable, and enjoyable.

and so, Kelyst was born.

We created Kelyst to simplify the apartment hunting process.  A simple browser extension, Kelyst makes the homebuying and apartment hunting process easy.  By comparing properties, price comparisons for negotiation, contact list retention, search history, and amenity comparisons, Kelyst makes finding your new home as simple as opening up your web browser.  Kelyst takes the overwhelmingly massive amounts of data, information, and logistics and creates an easy to use, simple to navigate, and powerful home and apartment search tool that will save you time, frustration, and money.

We loved to travel the world, but we are happy to have finally found our home-sweet-home, and with Kelyst, you’ll be able to find yours, too.  Install Kelyst today and find the home or apartment of your dream tomorrow.