Tips for perfect bathroom

Tips For the Perfect Bathroom

As a parent, bathroom routines are the bane of your life. Hinting at the idea of personal hygiene can become World War 3 or you may find that toys have been thrown toys on the floor of your bathroom and litters of water lap at your ankles. A smart bathroom design can help you prevent all the chaos.

A smart bathroom layout will help you prevent all the chaos as you will have a wet zone where there will be the water-based fun in one area (this will help you avoid getting your feet wet when brushing your teeth at night). It is good to consider having the shower next to the bath and dividing the space from the rest of the room using a glass wall.

Consider installing large-format tiles as they will help you save time as you will not have to scrub the bathroom floor from time to time as these tiles can prevent your grout from becoming dirty.

Avoid the bathtub-shower combination as it is a mess visually and can be dangerous for young children and seniors as it can cause slips and falls. So, if you have the space, consider making your bathroom a safe place for everyone by having a separate shower and bath. This ticks many boxes, makes the bathroom look more beautiful and is ideal for a busier household.

Avoid the swinging glass door as it is dangerous for children with slippery feet and hands. Consider installing a fixed glass panel and save time as you don’t have to clean the hinged edges.

A lighter grout shows stains more quickly than a darker grout. You can consider choosing an epoxy grout instead of the regular cement-based version. This resin-based grout is much stronger, durable and beautiful.

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