Understanding the Exposition of Sun in Buying or Renting a Property

The stainless-steel finishes, the beautiful woodwork, the latest upgradations, or location.

While searching for a property for renting or buying, we tend to be intrigued by the diverse features the particular house has. And these cosmetic finishes become our deciding factor. We tend to overlook-mostly less-visible factors that play a significant role in determining the experience you are going to have in the apartment.

And the most overlooked factor is; Sun Exposition.

With the most common reality and the given basic fact of “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west,” much can be done, so you get your home positioned in the direction you want. Once you get your property according to the sun’s seasonal movements, you can enjoy the advantage of indoor comfort and reduce utility costs.

Here’s what you need to know about the sun’s exposition.

Eastern Exposure

Everyone loves to take extra sleep time when the beams of sunlight thwart into their room from the wooden blinds.

Build your home or rent having the eastern exposure. To get the maximum benefit from passive solar energy, the house needs to be designed a less boxy. You can size the windows according to the amount of light you prefer in summer. This will help you in controlling the heat as well.

Moreover, you will want less glazing, so carefully consider this because we understand that you want to avoid glared surfaces-particularly if there is a kitchen facing east or study room-used in the morning.

Western Exposure

Your building facing north will don’t give you the exposure of the direct sun. With this exposition, you will get a real treat provided you come home after work at a reasonable time. Having the sunlight into your home right after you come from work provides you with an extra dose of energy, and you feel refreshed.

Southern Exposure

If your home or apartments has a southern exposure, you will get direct sunlight for most of the day. It is, most of the time, considered as the coveted exposure and the best direction. However, direct sunlight can be irritating and can increase the temperature of your house. In such a case, you will have to pull the curtains most of the time or put shades on the windows.

Northern Exposure

If you are someone who prefers soft light all day, northern exposition is the best for you. North facing properties are exposed to light, neither too dull nor too bright. It is generally desired in climates where homeowners require heat in winters. This is because the exposition of the sun allows you a full sun penetration in winters.

Always ask your real estate agent to guide you about the position of the property in which you want to live-is facing. The selection of home is the most important decision one makes. So choose carefully.

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