Where is the best place to live?

Have you ever wondered where would you like to live ? 

I am sure everyone of us asks themselves this question – where do I want to live.

Well, there are these cities famous from their advantages like Vienna, in Austria or well known Melbourne in Australia. But when it comes to your country, you want to live probably near your friends and family. Somewhere where groceries are just across the street, and you dont have to wake up 3 hours earlier before your job starts so you may have time to stay in the traffic.

Lets be honest. You dont have time to waste.

Moving to a new apartment is a big challenge, but more challenging is to know where are all the best groceries, where is a gym, schools for your children, pharmacy etc. Trust me – its better to check all this informations before paying the rent or buying the property.

You may use google maps to check where is what around the property you choose but why not thinking bigger and trying to use kelyst tool? Free like google maps, but you may easy compare apartments with others. Try to update your board with one of the property listings and click on chosen “services”. Check the property liveable score. Are you a student maybe? Check bars and restaurant around your future place. 

Here is one of the listings of our users.

As you may see the selected apartment dont even have one bus station near its localisation.

If you don’t have a car, or you are a student, probably you need to use public transport, well… As an advice – consider this apartment only if you like to run marathons 🙂 but hey – there is a lot of parks for those who like to run marathons hopefully! Think of the pros and cons all the time.

What if you are about to move to a new city? Where to find primary school for your children? Just select the primary school category, and kelyst tool will guide you!

Below you can find a comparison of 3 properties, one does not have any primary school near its localisation.

And you, what would you like to check about your property? We are improving our tool all the time! Let us know your feedbacks.

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