Yes, the Size of the Room does Matter!

When it comes to finding your dream share home, choosing the right place is just as important as selecting the right people to live with. Let’s look at some of the top tips to finding your perfect share place, so you don’t regret your decision a few weeks in.

Set your Budget

The first thing to do is work out what you can afford. Rent, utilities, transportation, food, and entertainment. Always make sure you leave yourself enough at the end of the week, so you aren’t living paycheque to paycheque. Be realistic, and don’t overstretch yourself. There is nothing worse than overcommitting and having to ask for loans or not being able to pay your debts. You want to know your top maximum dollar to get the best share place possible, in the suburb that you want.

Know how much space you need

It’s safe to say that most North Americans are accustomed to living in over 2000+ square feet homes. And that is just for two. So how much space do you need to stay sane?

According to the scientists, you need 100-400 square feet of space to feel comfortable in an apartment. But it really depends on the person. Some people need a ton of space, yet others can work with extraordinarily little.

Although you will most likely have shared living spaces, you need to consider how much room you need in your private space – bedroom. Remember, you will sometimes be using your bedroom as a living room, dining room, entertaining area, and private space to get away from it all. This will be your number one sanctuary. You want to make sure it fits your needs; otherwise, you will be miserable.

Do not pick a shared home with a closet for a bedroom, just because you like the people you will be sharing with. Let’s be honest – all people get annoying. You will need to get away from them eventually to chill. Look past the first few weeks and into the future when you come home wrecked from a horrible day at work. How much space do you need to destress and get your mind straight again?

Even if you must opt for a smaller private room than preferred, consider the essentials you need. Minimise your clutter, then have the right furniture to stow your gear away, so you are not continually looking at it. Clutter just makes you frustrated, is terrible for your mental and physical health and weighs you down.

Choose an area you’d like to live in

Where you want to live should be based on your budget first, then your lifestyle. While it’s nice to live in a brand-new apartment, close to work in a large bustling city, it isn’t always possible. Start with your preferred suburb, then add around four more suburbs with similar average room rents and qualities. When choosing an area, think about your work commute, and distance from family and friends. You also need to consider what is around you in the neighbourhood. Is there quick access to suitable outdoor places if you need fresh air and to get away from the closeness of shared living? If you are living in a smaller than desired space, you need to know that you have space around you to move and get a fresh perspective on life.

Although living in a smaller space is usually not an option but a circumstance, you need to carefully consider the amount of space you will need to co-habit with others. Having great flatmates does not make up for having a minuscule area to live in……especially if you relish your personal space.

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